Firm Profile

The Taylor and Miller multi-disciplinary design studio that works in the context of architectural design, lighting design, and fabrication. TM Architecture, TM Light, and TM Fab are all maintained under the same studio umbrella, but each are maintained and developed in their own unique ways. The partners in TM Light, Jeffrey Taylor and B. Alex Miller have been collaborating on dozens of lighting design projects for a decade, working with other designers like Stephen Holl, Frank Gehry, Toyo Ito, Shigeru Ban, and Jean Nouvel. Their lighting work has included project categories that span from residential, luxury retail, museums, landscapes, urban masterplans, and lighting sculpture.

Design Philosophy

Taylor and Miller LIGHT's design philosophies are first and foremost rooted in the relationships with their design collaborators. The studio tries to see lighting within the very concepts of the architecturally-designed spaces. For Taylor and Miller, the lighting is not a secondary layer of systems that attaches to the architecture, but is intrinsic to the experience of space and material. The lighting should be part of the design DNA of the architecture itself; it should not stand on its own and it should not be relegated to an engineered solution devoid of poetry. The studio develops the design concepts for the lighting in direct collaboration with the designer, and carries this concept from the original speculative renderings to the final finished and constructed project.