Edge Pavilion- 2013
Shortlisted Competition Entry
New York, NY, USA

In 2013, Taylor and Miller was one of eight emerging New York City architecture firms invited by New York Restoration Project to create designs for a storm-resilient education and recreation center in Sherman Creek Park, Harlem.

Our proposition, "ARCHITECTURE, NON-ARCHITECTURE" explored the notion of the entire site as the outdoor classroom; the site becomes a learning landscape. The entire structure was conceived only as a composition of armatures that were meant to act as didactic Rube Goldbergian machines or simple displays of students' work.

All of the built elements on the site are designed not using walls and surfaces per se, but with a single basic pre-fabricated unit. This unit is intended to receive the elements that are a result of the educational process. The unit, when combined with other of the same, becomes part storage, part partition, and part educational artifact.

This project was exhibited at the Center for Architecture in Spring 2013 as part of the EDGEucation Pavilion exhibition.

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