Private Residence - 2007
New York, NY, USA

This condominium project in New York explores the notion of sign, scale, texture, and movement within the context of architectural space. For the project, a word that signified arrival (Welcome) was deployed on the wall that led into the space and other words that signified departure (Au Revoir) were deployed on the wall that led out of the space.

In each instance, the scale of the text was blown up to the size of a super-graphic, where the text ran from floor to ceiling. This assured the text straddled the boundaries between a readability and abstract texture. In most of the views of the wall surfaces, the text is simply seen and felt as a curvilinear embossing In other views, the text begins to be readable and carry meaning.

From these readable views, the wall surfaces imply an architectural movement through space. As you read the 'Welcome' wall, you move from the entry corridor and into the primary living space. As you read the 'Au Revoir' wall, you move from that same living space back out to the entry corridor and the unit exit.

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