Fondation Louis Vuitton - 2014
Paris, France

Architect: Gehry Partners.

Work completed with L'Observatoire with B. Alex Miller as project manager and design collaborator.

Edited Excerpt from L'Observatoire International. "Comissioned by Bernard Arnaud and designed by Frank Gehry, the Fondation pour la Création was imagined by Gehry as a vessel whose sails soar amidst the trees. The building counts twelve immense glass sails and holds 11 galleries dedicated to the presentation of the collections, along with a 350-seat auditorium. The lighting design included the interior lighting of public spaces and galleries, exterior lighting of building and the landscape. As night falls, the structure undergoes a breathtaking transformation from opaque shell to glowing lantern, as the central core of the building begins to glow with warm white light and the glass sails, made transparent by the night sky, take on a delicate, almost diaphanous quality. The warm light from within highlights the architectural detail of both the central core and the sweeping sails wrapped around it, while never losing a sense of the structure as a singular entity. Additionally, the use of dimmable integrated LED fixtures allows for a degree of sustainability exceeding the most stringent energy policies. The lighting design gives this monumental structure buoyancy and movement, as light from the reflecting pool dapples the billowing glass sails, making the building floating, ark-like amidst the green sea of trees, with an arresting sense of ethereal grace."
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