Glendale 180 - 2015
Glendale, CO, USA

Architect: Gensler-Los Angeles
Landscape Architect: The Office of James Burnett

Excerpt from Gensler website
“This premier entertainment, retail and leisure experience just south of Denver is an ambitious mix of premium entertainment brands, specialty retailers and high-concept dining. Designed as a series of public concourses, bridges and points of entry, the project’s dynamic configuration serves as both gateway and connector, encouraging social exchange and drawing pedestrians from surrounding areas".

The lighting for the project uses the landscape as its primary canvas. As the landscape weaves through the project and onto its rooftops, the lighting does the same. Moments of light and shadow punctuate other repeating architectural and landscape elements, utilizing the volumes and forms as lighting sources in and of themselves; the lighting is nestled within the bridge structures or above the patterned shading trellises, for example. Even when the lighting transitions to spaces underground, the cuts in the landscape are used as lanterns for light. Lighting is even used throughout the site as a way finding element; as one transitions from one end of the site to the other, the special cuts and sculptural objects in the landscape subtly move through the color spectrum.

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