Love Letter- 2014
Shortlisted Entry for Times Square Heart Competition
New York, NY, USA

LOVE LETTER: A method for conveying methods of adoration for loved ones, our city and the world at large.
One part love letter, one part LED marguee, one part NYC ticker tape and one part Valentine's decoration, this sculpture is made of a single ribbon. Upon this single ribbon are a series of LED diodes that are programmed to recieve and represent letters of love via internet and local input.

The more letters that run along the ribbon, the more our heart pulses with glow and sparkle. Loved ones and spectators can watch personal messages pass from beginning to end through the heart shaped ribbon.

Love Letter recieves messages via local input (iPad) or the Love Letter webpage. Once sent, the message scrolls across a series of LED diodes attached to the Love Letter ribbon and is carried into and out of the sculpture for all to see. Even on the webpage, the sculpture is simulcast so that senders can still see their letters in Times Square.

The more messages are sent, the more love is felt from the sculpture; Love Letter pulses with light as messages pass through it.

Large image