Minneapolis Sculpture Garden - 2015
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Landscape Architect: Tom Oslund and Associates for Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and Studio Inside/Outside for Walker Art Center Lawn

TM Light has been tasked with designing the lighting masterplan for the entirety of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, as well as the surrounding lawn of the Walker Art Center. Within the garden's 11 acres, and the lawn around the Walker Art Center, sculptures punctuate the landscape. TM Light is using these sculptures as the connective nodal tissue that moves the user from the lawn of the Art Center, across the street and into the garden. Each particular lighting placement and intensity is decided by specific curatorial intents. In this way, the experience of moving from one space to the next will be embraced by the light of sculpture, instead of by lighting as a mechanical artifact.

Utilizing a series of tree groves that also dance through the sculpture garden and Art Center lawn, the tree canopies are subtly uplit in the garden space, and as the topography increases in elevation at the lawn, the lighting sources do the same. Transitioning from a light source in the ground to a light source that floats within the tree canopies, the illumination ascends from the scale of the human to the scale of the sky.

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