Penn Plaza- 2014
New York, NY, USA

In anticipation of a larger scale masterplanning and redevelopment effort for Penn Plaza and its associated buildings, Taylor and Miller was tasked with designing interim improvements that would elevate the public spaces to a true destination within the city. With a limited budget and the inability to alter any existing architecture, the TM team designed a series of installations that were mounted to existing electrical infrastructure. Each installation consisted of a floating enclosure mounted on poles that contained within it a projection system. As a counterpoint to the overly digitized signage that has begun to coat the Manhattan streetscape, the Penn Plaza projectors were actually made up of clockwork-type shadow puppetry mechanisms. The idea was that each projector was a kind of station in a narrative that wrapped the entire Penn Plaza site. A story could be told from one station to the next in sequence.

The projectors would use the existing architectural facades as a canvas for these very large, urban-scaled moving shadow pictures, with certain surfaces of the facades being coated in inexpensive bus-wrap to receive the projected light.

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