Pull House - 2008
The Berkshires, MA, USA

Architect: Taylor and Miller Architects

Volumetrically, this residence in Western Massachusetts begins with an existing ranch-home typology. Formally, this typology is sliced and pulled to create a loft area suspended above the first floor living area. The resulting space underneath this loft volume becomes a sunken, semi-private seating area. The definition between public and private zones in the house is achieved with two organic surfaces that pull apart to create the living and dining areas, and slowly taper back together to create the more private hallway accessing the bedrooms.

The lighting is meant to both enhance and provide a respite from the continuity of form and surface in the project's interiors; concealed ambient light sources reinforce the basic form and geometry of the spaces where possible. Accent lighting, in the form of pinhole downlighting or concealed track lighting, is layered to create zones of hierarchy within the overall spaces.

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