Sewell Mercedes Houston - 2015
Houston, TX, USA

Architect: Gensler-Dallas

Based on research of the Mercedes-Benz brand, in particular the way in which the brand represents its automobiles in visual media and advertising, TM Light has developed a lighting approach that represents the mixture of the artistry and the engineering of Mercedes. The lighting armatures deployed in both the interior and exterior are a very rigid and technically specific 'frames' of light. In the case of the interior, the frames are suspended horizontally. In the case of the exterior, the frames are oriented vertically. The differentiation between the context of display from interior to exterior is undermined very intentionally - the same ambient light that is appropriate for the display of the automobile on the interior is carried into the exterior, thereby obliterating the notion of the 'parking lot pole' as the default exterior display typology. In either case, the lighting literally frames the perception of the cars in a kind of classical sense; the hyper-mechanical armature providing a frame for the art of the automobile.
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