Sister Spaces- 2014
Brooklyn, NY, USA

This design exploration was conducted for a mixed use project that was being developed by two sisters. Each of them was to move into the completed project in duplexes that were immediately adjacent to each other. Taylor and Miller were tasked with designing the two duplexes in a way that worked within the overall composition of the development while maintaining their very own spatial and material character.

For the design process, three different schemes were developed for the clients: A veil scheme that deployed a sliced, punctured, and unwrapping perforated screen throughout the space that seductively blurred visual transitions from one space to the next; A floating scheme that established an exposed super structure at the ceiling plane from which very thin sheet-like floor plates were suspended; and a peeling scheme that separated the spaces of the unit based on materials that were peeled from the ceiling, walls, and floor.

The project is still under development.

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