Grand Central Station - Vanderbilt Hall Multimedia Proposal
New York, NY, USA

As a part of this proposal, Taylor and Miller designed a series of multi-media elements in the form of unfolding pods. For us, the proposal maintained echoes of an earlier retail proposal for a previous client. Each proposal was for a very different architectural context, but both had the same kind of spatial and conceptual intent: To allow for the creation of space within space without an associated creation of hard physical or experiential boundary. These unfolding multi-media display pods can be rolled into position in a series or alone, creating multiple spatial scenarios. For example, they can be unfolded completely and aligned to create a wall of multimedia content. Or, they can be clustered together in groups of 2-3, combining their screens to create larger multimedia ‘rooms’. When clustered to face their screens outward, they can animate the entirety of the Vanderbilt Hall Space, or perhaps they can be organized to embrace cafe seating, allowing for a digital dinner theater of sorts. When closed, the highly reflective material that makes up the exterior finish of the elements allows them to reflect the distinctly historical context of Vanderbilt Hall.
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