Lighthouse Yoga School - 2016
Brooklyn, NY, USA

This yoga school in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a study in the light of the ‘silhouetted self’. The only additive element in the space is a mirrored surface that floats off one of the space’s walls. Along with providing concealed access to storage and mechanical units, the mirror wall also conceals the only source of electric light for the entirety of the space. The mirror wall is at once armature and metaphor; the images seen in the mirror are that of the reflected self. However, the only light given to the space is from the inversion (or the silhouette) of that self.

The architectural surfaces that make up the perimeter of the space bend and lean, curving wherever possible to avoid the hardness and abruptness of a linear intersection. This means that the space is embraced by the continuous architectural surface and its soft gradient of light instead of the hard-shadowed corner of a typical wall-to-ceiling intersection.
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